Archived Headlines

Surrendering to the Police is a "Hanging" Offense in Hawaii
When the Police run the news, you only hear their side of the Story

We Get Letters

Kahoolawe "given" to State, not Hawaiians I have removed the link, it was a long protest, hand written treaties with dead presidents and everything, conclusivly showing America took Kahoolawe from Hawaii(the Nation) and returned it to the state (themselves) giving the Hawaiians nothing.

Bush Asked About Hawaiian Sovereignty

Independent Report of August 31st Gathering

US Presidential Candidates to Visit Islands

Majesty Visits Kalama Intermediate School Lots of pictures showing Majesty andthe Nobles visiting a local school

Majesty's Radio Interview

Kingdom Planning for Postal Commeroratives

Majesty Hosts Unity Gathering

America Defaults

Open Letter to (former)Governor Ben Cayetano from
Her Majesty Akahi Wahine

History Repeats Itself

Plot uncovered to Assassinate His Majesty

Amnesty International Views Majesty's case as worth their Time

Majesty Coronation at `Iolani Palace

Our Kupuna (honored Elders) Speak

Various things Majesty is doing

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