Their Majesties in Action

- Pictures and Events

I'll try to include notes on time and dates;

  • Feburary 22, 1998 the Coronation at the `Iolani Palace, Honolulu
  • February 23, 1998 the Reception at the Marriot on Maui
  • Majesty at the UN in New York
  • Treaties being Signed
  • Kingdom Representitives at Guadalcanal
  • Majesty with noted Tibetan Lama
  • Flags being exchanged
  • Majesty 's 60th Birthday where the Kupuna of Maui pleged their allegience
  • At grave site
  • 2003 Lahaina Kamehameha Day Parade with His Majesty Akahi Nui (a lot of pictures here- will take time to download)
This is another of those pages that will never be finished but always in process.


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