The Tribute of the Whales

February 23, 1998 at the Maui Marriott Hotel the Reception was held. Her Highness had just announced that this was to be a Kingdom under `Io and His only son , Iesu Kristo. (See Hawaiian History) When she finished people down by the shore noticed that 6 or so, whales had come in past the reef, into "water so shallow you could see their eyes", and there began to fountain like fireboats giving tribute to a visiting dignitary. As one, the non-Hawaiians got up and walked to the beach, their eyes wide and stood there, dumbfounded. It was at this time that the Hawaiians came and greeted their King and Queen.

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At the time this happened I did not know that I would one day manage a website for Americans for First Nations or the Kingdom of Hawaii and was just blessed to be invited and see this propitous occasion or see the miracle of the whales. It has taken years for these pictures to get to me and so one of the first events I witnessed is the last I record - The Webmaster 12/22/2004