His Majesty Akahi Nui has issued a Writ of Prohibition to Stop each of the Akaka Bills, The United States of America must show their legal right to legislate over the Hawaiians. the US has defaulted on each Writ, They have NO proof of authority.

This is the webmaster's personal opinion page and may/or may not reflect the opinions of the Kingdom of Hawaii, His Majesty Akahi Nui or the staff of office of the Kingdom.- Webmaster

Some questions to ask yourself?

Look who's pushing for this bill to Pass - The State Government, The State institutions (OHA and Hawaiian Homes both state funded and run) and the Feds.

The fact of Hawaiians working in these state run entities shows that Hawaiians are people too and will sell out for money or personal prestige. All Hawaiians, of good character, should distance themselves from the occupying force or its puppet government schemes. Let them be seen for what they really are, a way for the Hawaiians to feel like they are involved with what the invaders are doing with their lives and their futures, until it is too late, and something like the Akaka bill passes and forever removes all hope.

Points to consider in the Bill -

  • Nation within a Nation means all decisions of any consequence must be cleared by the Secretary of Interior
  • Hawaiians become "Native" Americans - Hawaiians never were native to America
  • America regulates all internal and forbids external affairs -Hawaii remains a colony
  • How long have Hawaiians been waiting for use of some of the worst land on the Islands? - The ceded lands mentioned for the 'reservations' in the Akaka Bill. On Maui the Hawaiian Homelands are sand dunes and the part of the Island most likely to be covered with fresh lava when Haleakala reawakes (it is currently listed as "inactive", ie.- not currently flowing lava, but, probably will soon).
  • Who Administers the Money? - Well, surprise, look it's the State of Hawaii! The same folks who've taken 80+ years to get families onto their sand dunes. Out of the way ghetto's for Hawaiians
  • Determines who Hawaiians are - that should be a right of the Hawaiian community exclusively, "Are you a government certified Hawaiian? Are you Hawaiian enough to qualify? It really does matter which canoe your ancestors came over on, and when."
  • How much money do the State Offices and Departments get from this Bill? - Billions Want to guess why they (OHA and DHHL) support this Bill?
This is what I, the Webmaster say, His Majesty is much nicer the way he says it.