The link for The Republic of Texas is: <>

This is the link associated with the Tenth Congress (President McDaniel and myself attended His Majesty's Unity Gathering on August 30-31, 2003). We are in negotiations to sign a treaty with His Majesty. Attached is a photo taken at the Unity Gathering of President McDaniel talking with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Kamalani Kaahanui.

The Cease Fire Agreement of May 3, 1997, is between the Tenth Congress and the State of Texas/United States and gives tacit recognition to the Tenth Congress by the other parties. (This has been confirmed by an ex-Prime Minister of one of the European countries.)

The link you currently have on your site belongs to a splinter group that disavows the Constitution of The Republic of Texas (1836) and has no lawful standing.

We would appreciate a link on your site to ours, if you are agreeable to add our link.

Thank you for your time.

God bless the Kingdom of Hawai'i and His Majesty Akahi Nui and Her Majesty Wahine Nui.

God Bless The Republic of Texas!


Les Roy Reid
President pro tempore
Tenth Congress
The Republic of Texas <>