majesty akahi nui proclaimation to the world, restoration of the Nation of Hawaii, the Kingdom of Hawaii, the Hawaiian Monarchy and all that pertains to

majesty akahi nui proclaimation to the world, restoration of the Nation of Hawaii, the Kingdom of Hawaii, and the Hawaiian Monarchy - the king's flag

Kingdom of Hawai'i, Nation
Sovereign Nation of God
Majesty Akahi Nui


I Majesty Akahi Nui, Alii Nui and Sovereign Heir to the Crown and Throne of the Kingdom of Hawai'i, being a Sovereign Nation of God, Am Now, on behalf of the Almighty Creator, restoring His Sovereign Nation once again. I who have now created a strong foundation of that retroactive restoration, do now put out this Claim:

That the Kingdom of Hawai'i, Moku'aupuni (Nation) was NEVER invalidated and has never been dissolved, and shall from now henceforth stand strong as the only True and Just ruling Government of the Kingdom and Islands of Hawai'i. Therefore the Constitution of 1840, and the Declaration of Rights of 1839 have never been suspended, and are still in full force. The Overthrow of 1893 was never valid and never shall be, and although this wrong has been throughly outlined and admitted by the current President and both houses of the Senate of the United States in a sworn confession known as Public Law 103-150, and was signed by the President into Law, they have done nothing to correct this wrong which was perpetuated upon me and my people by their own agents. There are continuous and on-going acts of treason, fraud and conspiracy occurring in Hawai'i against me and my people.

Now is the time to undo the wrong. I Am here to undo the wrong.
In restoring this sacred Monarchy, I now Claim My Palace and My Judicial Court, that known as Iolani Palace and the Monarchy Court, a Court of Common Law, sworn and created to uphold the Rights and Justice of and for the People. I also claim all artifacts belonging to the Kingdom of Hawai'i, including all items in possession of the Bishop Estate and all sacred Heiaus and burial sites of our ancestors. This also includes ALL of the Kings Trail on all islands and every aspect thereof.

Any and all of those persons, groups or organizations who have used or are still using the Kingdom of Hawai'i name, now let it be known that they are not the True Kingdom. They now no longer have any valid right to use that name from henceforth, as I Now Re-Claim the Name and Re-Store the Crown and Throne from those thieves who have wrongly taken and abused it without My Consent. This is the True Kingdom which now cometh, the True Kingdom of God. I and the True Kingdom have never come out before this. Now we come out and present ourselves, as it is Our Time to Arise and Claim Our Sacred Seat of Power. It is now God's Time to Move upon the Earth.
If anyone wishes to challenge me in this Re-Clamation, you have 25 days to answer and challenge this Claim. After this time, let this matter now forever be resolved. So Be It.

Declaration of Royal Decendancy
Registered Document # 93-060570
Bureau of Conveyance
State of Hawaii
In Sacred Trust, I Am;

Majesty Akahi Nui

[We've had people try to forge His Majesty's signature so it will not appear in the electronic medium]

majesty akahi nui proclaimation to the world, restoration of the Nation of Hawaii, the Kingdom of Hawaii, and the Hawaiian Monarchy - the royal seal

Majesty Akahi Nui, Alii Nui
Sovereign Heir to
The Crown and Throne

Dated this Twenty-Fifth Day of December, in the Holy Year of the Almighty Creator,

Nineteen Hundred and Ninety Six

Contact Information

phone: (808) 575-2236
fax: (808) 575-9095
postal: Kingdom of Hawaii, Nation
Sovereign Nation of God
P.O.Box 2845
Wailuku, Mokupuni O Maui

(The Nation of Hawaii does not use the "zipcode" of the occuping force)

These were the email and website when this was issued, the phone, fax and post office are still valid

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