If you believe the Maui Times, you are missing the truth.

By some reports, eye witness accounts, other sources in the spate of recient storms has left up to 8 people dead in Maui. Mostly surf accidents, but not one word in the papers, or if there it is page 15 about a paragraph long, mentioning family mourning the passing of their loved-one due to an unmentioned accident. The Paper then shows a professional surfer on a perfect "glassy" wave making it look so easy. If you believe the Maui Times, you are missing the truth.

Hawaiian Girl Executed by Maui Police

Friday night, 01/24/04, Island Girl, Lisa Kaina was executed by the Maui police department in downtown Paia. It's true she'd had her run-ins with the law. Since she'd started using "Ice" her behavior had gotten increasingly erratic. Ths mother of three small childern was stopped after a brief chase, in a stolen car, boxed in by vehicles and buildings on all sides and ordered to stop, she raised her hands, so, of course, they shot her. Coroner has ruled that the shot, at point blank range to the head, was the cause of death.

The thing I find so disturbing is that although the picture clearly shows that the car is pressed against the sign post, the car is off the curb and if she was in reverse when she died the tendency of the car would be to go down hill, away from the pole, it is clearly resting against it, also because of where the car is placed, the police car beside it, and the direction of the wheels of the car she was driving, the police officer was in no danger. The picture was taken by a witness to the event, before the police chased away the witnesses and could change any of the evidence.

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An heiress of a chiefly Hawaiian lineage was shot to death in the old sugar mill town of Paia, Maui, Hawaii last week. Firefighters worked for hours to free the victim, who was trapped behind the wheel of a cornered stolen rental car, unarmed, with a bullet hole behind her ear. Another bullet was found lodged in the driver's side headrest.

The Maui Police Department has two suspects on leave with administrative pay.

The victims remains were taken into custody for drugtesting. The victims privacy, which has been completely disclosed, appears to have been brutally violated, her dignity appeared seriously trampled.

It is unclear whether the suspects, whose identities and privacy have not been disclosed, will be required to submit to drugtesting. It is believed that the suspects fatally shot at the victim either in self defense or in defense of "public safety," but eyewitnesses disagree vigorously.

An investigation to determine whether Maui County Mayor Alan Arakawa is responsible for arming and training the suspects to shoot to kill is pending.

Many Island inhabitants are reeling with shock, outrage, and utter disbelief. Others suffer from exhaustion and depression due to the incredible amount of mental energy they have been forced to expend in order to stave off the harmful effects of the extreme, sometimes lethal doses of social conditioning permeating the Hawaiian Islands since 1893, when the USS BOSTON, the United States most sophisticated vessel of war, landed troops at Iolani Palace and pointed their gatlin guns (weapons of mass destruction in those days) at Hawaii's Queen Liliuokalani. The sugar barons then took over control of the lands.

The San Francisco tribunal has ruled that the Hawaiian people [now known to be descendents of the biblical tribe of Joseph, son of Jacob] have been subjected to GENOCIDE (as defined by the 1984 Proxmire Resolution) by the United States.