January 17th, 1893: Honolulu, Oahu, Hawai'i.

In the tropical heat 151 marines assigned to the US Warship, Boston, marched ashore and seized Iolani Palace, royal seat of the long established and well recognized Hawai'ian Kingdom. Queen Liliuokalani was placed under house arrest by a "Committee of Safety".

The colonists, sons and grandsons of sugar barons and missionaries, conspired to use American military might to overthrow by force the duly constituted, hereditary and well loved monarchy. The US governments representative cashed in on the conspiracy. The captain of the warship backed down and readied his canons. The marines complied with their orders, their bayonets fixed.

Queen Liliuokalani acquiesced temporarily, appealing to the President of the USA to right this grievous wrong, to bring balance, pono, justice. Tens of thousands of her loyal subjects were prepared to die on those bayonets. Thousands would have succumbed to the canon. She and they chose Onipa'a, steadfastness in the search for sovereignty. They remained true to their Aloha spirit. They remain true to that spirit over a century later.

Yet the lesson here is not so much that the insidious Right of Might endures but that so too does the Aloha Spirit; endures, evolves and echoes on.


November 23, 1993: Washington, DC.

President Bill Clinton signs Pl103-150, "The apology Bill", officially and politically apologizing for annexing Hawai'i. Neither ethically nor effectively (nor ecologically) has anything changed. Twenty years later Hawai'i and her people are still held, forcibly, under the might of The world super power with it's new world oder. Tourists, agri-business, prejudice and golf courses continue to pollute the aina, the living land, the land-alive. The globe's highest concentration of nuclear subs berth in Pearl Harbor! The bayonets are still fixed.

Yet still the Hawai'ian people stay Pono. Their culture grows stronger. World opinion of the USA as a land grabber/colonizer/exploiter echoes in granite halls, echoes in print, echoes in cyber space, echoes in intelligent minds and compassionate hearts.

January 16th, 1994; Iolani Palace, Honolulu, Hawai'i.

The Hawai'ian people proclaimed the restoration of their independence on the steps of historic Iolani Palace. Under the United Nations Charter, Article One, they assert their right of self-determination. Attuned with their Queen's desire for peace they affirm the power of non-violence.

The spirit of independence, once birthed but now withering in Boston, New York, Philedelphia, and Charlestown presently resides in Kaho'olawe.


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