Office of Hawaiian Affairs - a State funded and therefore run office. Do not be decieved their allegience is to the concerns of the United States of America, first and foremost. (They pay their bills with money stolen from Hawaii.) They are not acting in the best interests of the Hawaiian People or our legal Government.

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Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA)

ATTN: Mr. Boyd Mossman
Mr. Kalei Rapoza
140 Hoohana Suite 206

Oahu, Hawaii

Cc: Olelo Studios



Aloha Mr. Boyd Mossman & Mr. Kalei Rapoza:

I have the honor of writing you at the instruction of His Royal Majesty Akahi Nui of the Kingdom of Hawaii Sovereign Nation of God. His Royal Majesty has asked me to express to you his sincere appreciation for the recent invitation you extended to him to attend your OHA sponsored function on the twenty seventh of January at Olelo Studios. His Royal Majesty regrets that he must decline your kind invitation to attend, due to the source of funding for the event, it is an inappropriate venue for His Royal Majesty or his representative to appear.

Thank you for your patience in awaiting a reply.

On this sixteenth day of the first month in the Holy year of our Lord and Savior Iesu Kristo Two Thousand and Four.




Mrs. L. Kahiamoe

Secretary for HRM Akahi Nui
Kingdom of Hawaii
Sovereign Nation of God