majesty akahi nui proclaimation to the world, restoration of the Nation of Hawaii, the Kingdom of Hawaii, and the Hawaiian Monarchy - the Kings flag

Aloha. The Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Ethel Abreu, collapsed during a Cabinet level meeting yesterday. She had the floor and was speaking (in her customary animated fashion) of how she came to know that His Majesty was the true Sovereign of the Hawaiian Kingdom, and how much he had helped her. She simply slumped over and lost consciousness. The ambulance was called and she was rushed to the hospital, but they could find no sign of brain activity. Shortly after arriving at the hospital she departed this world to be with the Lord forever. You can imagine what a shock it for all of us. We are comforted in that she did not suffer.


I thank you for your kind offer to honor her on the website. I will relay your E-mail to the Ministers and Cabinet at the executive meeting this evening. At a time like this I am reminded that one should never take ones loved ones and associates for granted, as we never know when our last communication will be with them. ...



Lissa Kahiamoe

Her Family wrote of her:

Her Excellency Ethel Kwon Abreu was born on the island of Lanai on September 30, 1930. Her Parents were Kee Hong and Elizabeth Kwon. She was among eight children. She married Louis Joseph Abreu in 1952 and had three sons, Louis, Lloyd, and Randy, and one daughter Bernadette. She was a wonderful mother and very devoted wife. In 1980 she became a grandmother by her youngest son Randy and her joyful life was complimented with Jonah. Three years later Holly was born. Her family extended with her hanai daughter Hazel Oliveira, who gave her five more hanai granddaughters, Lisa, Momie, Judy, Julie, and Laurie Lynn. She touched the hearts of everyone who came in contact with her and was loved by all.

Their Majesty's plan to issue the first commemorative stamp of the Kingdom of Hawai'i in over a hundred years. It will bear Her Excellency Ethel Abreu's image.
The Family and Staff of wish to offer our sincerest condolences

to the Abreu Ohana, Their Majesties Akahi Nui and the members of the Cabinet.

You are in our hearts and prayers,

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