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How Can I Help?

  • A Donation is always considered the sincerest compliment. All donations go directly to the Kingdom of Hawaii - Nation.

    Make Checks out to:

      Kingdom of Hawaii Trust Fund

    And Send to:

      P.O. Box 2845

      Moku'aina O Wailuku,

      Mokupuni o Maui,

      Ke Aupuni O Hawai'i

(If you send a check through the mail, remember that this must come through the US Postal System - a civilian run arm of the occupying force, so also, please send us an email saying that the check, letter or other document is coming , otherwise , we may never see it. When it comes to sending stuff to the Kingdom PO box, things tend to dissappear)

Or donations can be sent through (Click on PayPal logo below)

 [Please Note:Where Paypal says "Payment For:" write "Donation" , "Flag", "T-shirt" then Email us. We can not send anything until we have a valid address.]

  • If in Hawaii;- Invite His Majesty to speak at your schools, churches or social gatherings. Contact His majesty through the above address or E-mail Him at <>
  • Tell your friends
  • Contact the Hawaiian State Agencies
  • Write your Congressmen, or the President, urging them (him) to comply with the United Nations Mandate for a free election, where the choice of a free Nation is one of the options (not just trust territory or statehood).
  • Copy the URL for this site and include it in all your e-mails. {my automatic signature reads "Yours for a Free Hawaii, Eric <>} just write it in that form and most e-mail programs will automatically make it a link.
  • Buy and fly the Flag
  • (For those of you with a Do It Yourself bent and have an inkjet color printer, copy some of these patterns print it on "Iron-on Transfer Paper" and make your own T-shirts, flags etc.)
  • Check back often, (go back to home page and bookmark/add to favorites) this site changes almost daily.
  • Often work the statement "Free Hawaii" into all conversations.
  • Enter "chat rooms" and "online news or discussion groups" such as ICQ, Deja News or Topica, and talk about Hawaiian Sovereignty. When the tourist industry controls the press, there is very little real news that makes it to the rest of the world.
  • Contact News Services, Networks, Newspapers, Magazines, requesting articles on the subject of Hawaiian Sovereignty. If they have none suggest them. Also, write letters to their Editor's regarding the suppression of this very current news topic. (It was reported to us recently that Pres. Bush was asked about Hawaiian Sovereignty. His response was most impolite, he most emphatically did NOT want to talk about it. It is noted that he did not deny it.)
  • If you are coming to any of the Unity Gatherings send us an email (Next one is a Concert November 8th. Details later.}


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