How to reach the US Government

hawaiian sovereignty movement - to reach the government, protest

The President of the United States can be reached at: <>

The First Lady at:<>

The Vice President at: <>

The Office of the President Home Page <>

The Senate of the United States Home Page is:<> Go here to get the name and address of your state's Senator and Email him or her.

Senator Akaka is a senator from Hawaii, as is Senator Inouye, I'll use them for examples. If you know the name of any other US senators, their homepage and email follow the same pattern.

Their Homepage addresses (above)

Their email is then: <>, or <>


The House of Representitives Home Page is:<>

While the Home Pages of the Representitives follow the same sort of pattern their email numbers do not. What they have is a general way to reach all of them if you know the zipcode of the area they represent <> this will get you any representitive.

The Representitives for Hawaii are Neil Abercrombie, with Home Page at: <>

Contact them: if from, out of country (US), or residents of Hawaii. Also write them if you have no country affiliation as so many consider themselves as citizens of the world-at-large.

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