Candidates to Visit


It is the campagin season, candidates are everywhere, even visiting Hawaii. "Photo Opps",Town Hall meeting, "whistle stop" tours, they will be everywhere. If they have been in the US congress or in the Office of the President, they've been served with a "Writ of Prohibition" to STOP the "Akaka Bill" (a particulary odious bit of legislation to legalize the colonization of Hawaii by the American Government, it is not currently legal by their own admission), and they know of the Hawaiians Desire to be seperated from their captors.


ASK their stand on the Restoration of Hawaii, and the Return of The Kingdom of Hawaii?

Do not let them say that they back the Akaka Bill. Remember that the Akaka Bill is Backed by the government of the INVADERS. Look who backs the Bill - the Office of the Governor, The (Hawaiian State) Department of Hawaiian Home Lands and the (Hawaiian State) Office of Hawaiian Affairs. Unlike the Hawaiian people, these government offices and agencies stand to gain vast amounts of power and money. Of the 450,000 people who count themselves as Hawaiians, only 7,500 qualify as citizens under the Akaka bill and their care and management goes to the above state agencies, the Secretary of the Interior and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. If you think the government handling of "Indian" affairs, is what Hawaii needs.... (I better not say it, this is a family site). How much of the $40 billion that is generated* each year in Hawaii and goes to Washington, do you hope to get back? The Federal Government has never done a good job of managing other peoples money.


Free Hawaii, Free Hawaii Now!



*Fees, taxes, licences combined (not just income taxes)