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The Hawaiians can never agree on anything, what makes you think they can actually form a government, let alone get out from under American Colonization?

* (astrick denotes a place where I'm relating something that was told to me, verification would be appreciated.)

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Colonization was abandoned in 1948, with all Nations agreeing (yes, even the U.S.), in the creation of the United Nations. In 1959, then State Senator Inouye*, went to the United Nations and told them to remove Hawaii from their List of Colonies because the "citizens of the territory" voted to accept Statehood. Then 3 months later, the full UN General Assembly voted that the vote did not meet the standard of decolonization, it only gave territory statehood and not independence and it allowed all residents of the territory (military personnel, their families, etc.) to vote. Not just the Kanaka Maoli, the only ones who were qualified to vote on this issue. (See Complete Report)

As to the Hawaiians agreeing, they do agree that;

  • - their Kingdom was illegally stolen
  • - that they've lived in captivity for the past 100+ years and
  • - something has to be done about it.

Public Law 103-150 was the start, America acknowledged that they were wrong for stealing Hawaiian land and imprisoning Hawaii's Queen, it also laid the groundwork for the only just solution to all this, the restoration of Hawaiian sovereignty. Most Hawaiians say nothing about sovereignty, respecting Liliuokalani's wisdom, to do nothing to jeopardize the restoration that would inevitably happen. (See her prophecy)

Majesty Akahi Nui is the heir to the throne, Queen Liliuokalani's (blood, not hanai [adopted]) sister's grandson.

One should also remember that a Hawaiian that publicly speaks out or works for Sovereignty, risks job loss, any community aid, their housing, and if they persist, find themselves arrested and imprisoned on any number of charges (planted drugs is the easiest), 46% of those imprisoned in the state system are part Hawaiian. It's amazing how large a percentage of those imprisoned had recently spoken out for Sovereignty. Isn't denying people the right to participate in their culture Genocide?

As to the forming of their own Government, to those of you who attended the Unity meeting, you've found out that that has already happened.

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