Pastor Stan,
"The Preacher"
Has also left Hawaii
Aloha, my friend


Aloha & Mahalo, from Eric,
the "Webmaster",
(on the right).



It's been seven years since Bob introduced me to His Majesty Akahi Nui, since then I've become more and more convinced that that Majesty is the man for this time in the History of Hawaii.

I have little knowledge of the web, of html, and none of java, css, or any of the other increasingly complicated codes, languages or scripts necessary to do a modern website. All I know is that America has been keeping a terrible secret from their own people and the rest of the world and it must be made known. Of late it has become apparent that I must leave these Islands that I love and move on to other things. So America for First Nations is turning the website over to the Kingdom of Hawaii. All mail to <admin(at)> will go somewhere else. It is hoped that a young Hawaiian, well versed in the complicated language of IT will take up the vision.

My thanks to Majesty Akahi Nui for always being gracious, being faithful to his calling, to his Ohana and to his God. To Bob Roggasch for enabling me to maintain the website all these years, his consistant positive "energy" and help through difficult days. For my wife Laura, who allowed me the time for the constant tweeking that the site required and for the good people of Maui who've encouraged and supported me. Special thanks to Colin, the MauiMacMedic, who has hosted the site and generously supplied the "know how" that keeps my poor old (B & W-G3) Mac going. Most of all to the Lord High God who's allowed be to live in Hawaii for these 16 years.

Aloha and Mahalo to you all, Eric